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Safe Web Browsing

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Did your computer ever freeze to a blue screen or a pop-up won't close, no matter what you tried? Did anyone call you claiming to be Microsoft, Windows Security team or Apple care? Did you pay them to fix the issue? If so, you have been a victim of malware attack. Good news is, it is easy to fix on your own, without spending hundreds of dollars or losing your data & banking information. 

We are a computer training company that teaches you to remove viruses & pop-ups from your computer. The training takes just 20 minutes. Never be a victim again!

We give you a step by step guide to fix these attacks, we conduct a live one-on-one training session to ensure that you know how to fix the problem.

This training is priceless,but we are happy to offer you this service for a one time charge of $55. Give yourself this gift of learning and safety.

  • How to do Safe Web Browsing during the using internet.
  • Choose strong passwords. 
  • Be mindful when installing programs or agreeing to terms.
  • Do not give out personal details to strangers.
  • so on

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